Game On – Lagoon Watersports

The ‘Game On’ film sees Joe kicking back for another session of an addictive phone game, only to be sucked into the virtual world and start landing pro tricks for real!

For the film’s energetic action sequence, we shot from two angles — drone footage gives us the classic 3rd person video game view, while coverage from the ground breaks the convention and allowed us to create a dynamic edit. We modelled a bespoke game world in order to match cut between live action at the watersports centre and ‘gameplay’, and tracked shots to composite motion graphics with live footage. A saturated colour grade adds to the surreal feel. Finally, the campaign was supported by a print billboard ad, which we also designed.

But aren’t we forgetting something? Ah yes — we splashed our young actor in the face for that penultimate shot. Sorry, Joe!

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