Something for everyone – Lagoon Watersports

The client wanted a brand film to illustrate this diverse appeal and capture the soul of their business, aiming to reinforce their relationship with existing social media followers and make a strong first impact on a wider targeted audience.

Working to a thorough brief from the Lagoon team, we set about crafting a cinematic Hero film — handling everything from location scouting through to sound design and colour grading. Over two days, our team captured iconic Brighton vistas using a locked-off camera style, and shot centrally framed portraits, lit by bouncing natural light. Back at the studio, we applied a filmic colour grade with lifted blacks and warm highlights for a nostalgic, faded look. Through this combination of techniques, the finished film evokes hazy summer days on the water.

It worked. The film launched in summer 2018 and vastly outperformed the company’s existing brand film, with stats showing an 81% reach increase, 63% engagement increase, and 30% views increase. Through our ongoing collaboration, video marketing has become a central part of Lagoon Watersport’s customer communication strategy and has been vital for generating bookings.

We do love making waves.

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