Procrastination – Bickerstaff & Co.

Meet Rachel. With her tax return looming and no accountant to help, she’s procrastinating — big time.

Bickerstaff & Co. are chartered accountants with a difference. Sure, they love spreadsheets as much as the next accountancy firm, but they know that not everyone shares that passion.

That’s why they want their video marketing to entertain as much as it educates — and they gave us free rein to make this one funny! Working with our in-house scriptwriters, we set about creating a scenario that would be instantly relatable for small business owners. This wasn’t just for the laughs — it also promotes conversions by drawing the audience’s attention to a problem they face, before positioning our client as the solution.

For funny videos that’ll get your audience talking (and get your staff dressing up as pirates, if you like), get in touch. No, don’t do it tomorrow. Do it now!