Romford – Oh my Days

When Nixon Design launched their destination rebrand for Romford Town, we helped them present their design journey as an animated video.
According to a tabloid statistic, Romford is ‘Britain’s luckiest postcode’. Nixon Design took this and ran with it — designing a logo inspired by the shape of a dice which, when viewed isometrically, has seven visible corners. They combined this with the themes of ‘challenge’ and ‘a lively spirit’ to create a striking new visual identity for the London borough.

Our video had to be just as arresting as the design work itself, while also conveying a lot of information in its modest runtime. Luckily, like Romford, we love a challenge. We combined photos, text and motion graphics with quirky transitions to reflect the creative energy of Nixon Design’s process, and succinctly communicate the research that had informed their decisions.

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