Starboard – Quick Lock Foil

Assemble a foil in 6 seconds.

As foiling increases in popularity so does the evolution of the kit. This product by Starboard tackles one of the issues which most foils have – too many pieces holding you back from getting in the water. This unique design simplifies the process and uses less parts to make a more user friendly piece of kit. The core message is assembly in 6 seconds and we wanted to show what in a visually engaging and easy to watch demonstration.
At the studio we used the motion dolly to capture a repeating camera move across the foil against a green screen. With separate passes with each element ‘suspended’ in mid area we composited the shots to have the wings connect to the mast. To show the 2 simple bolts that need fastening we animated 3d hex keys rotating around the points and used accented shapes to draw the eye in. The clock ticks as we’re underwater, counting down from 6 seconds and emerges back to the rider. The looping element adds to the pace of the video and is attracts attention in a social feed.

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