Video Campaign.

We can work with you on a longer term strategy, this is where you can utilise our knowledge hub and get the most from using video.
Our video campaign is tailored to a set length of time; anywhere from 3 to 12 months. It’s a results driven strategy where you’d receive regular video content that fits into your marketing plan. Not only do we provide full production services. we have extended support in implementing ongoing content by training your staff in generating user content & consulting on equipment.

Where creativity meets strategy

A well-planned video distribution strategy is crucial to making your videos perform for you, and it will influence the creative decisions we make before we go anywhere near a camera.

We’ll build a brief by getting to know your brand and identifying the kind of video content that’s going to float your audience’s boat, so your campaign can do exactly what you need it to.

We’ll conduct competitor analysis, audit your current video content, and define the metrics by which this video’s rampant success is to be measured. And then we’ll move on to the fun stuff…

Experienced and talented creative professionals

This is the bit where we make your film.

While our creative directors and scriptwriters are busy refining the idea until it’s word perfect, our producers organise the logistics: scouting locations, assembling cast and crew, and drawing up the all-important production schedule.

We’ve found that the best results come from working with the best people. That’s why we’ve built a trusted network of directors, directors of photography, camera crews, sound recordists, and specialists such as drone pilots, steadicam operators and in-water photographers. These talented professionals are highly experienced in creating content for the sport, travel, leisure and charity sectors.

From the first rough cut to final tweaks, post-production is where the magic happens. Our in-house team handles editing, sound design, motion graphics, animation, transcriptions and colour grading, and we’ll share progress through web-based software that allows you to give time-coded feedback.

This means we can deliver the results you’re after, without delay.

Videos they’ll love; results you can see

The video is finished and sparkling. It’s time to make sure people see it!

We’ll do this by implementing the distribution strategy we developed in Phase One. We’ll upload your content to the agreed platforms, optimising for reach and impact. We can even manage paid advertising and community engagement.

Perhaps most importantly, we’ll track your video’s performance and provide detailed reporting — to ensure you can build on its success.

And that’s a wrap! Excited to get started for real? Yeah, us too!

Whatever stage you’re at with your idea — whether you’ve got a detailed brief that’s ready to roll, or you simply know you need a video and that’s about it — we’re ready to talk.