Video Production.

We work in two capacities. Short term services for individual projects or longer standing campaigns. Here’s some detail on what individual video production services we have to offer.

We’ve found that the best results come from working with the best people. That’s why we’ve built a trusted network of directors, directors of photography, camera crews, sound recordists, and specialists such as drone pilots, steadicam operators and in-water photographers. These talented professionals are highly experienced in creating content for the sport, travel, leisure and charity sectors.

From the first rough cut to final tweaks, post-production is where the magic happens. Our in-house team handles editing, sound design, motion graphics, animation, transcriptions and colour grading, and we’ll share progress through web-based software that allows you to give time-coded feedback.
While our creative directors and scriptwriters are busy refining the idea until it’s word perfect, our producers organise the logistics: scouting locations, assembling cast and crew, and drawing up the all-important production schedule.

This means we can deliver the results you’re after, without delay.

Whether it’s a slick logo ident, an infographic brought to life, a splash of motion graphics to enhance a live video, or even a fully animated character in a 2D or 3D world, our animation services can elevate your brand message and help your video content shine.

Yes, we can make dragons. But, sadly, not every video needs dragons.

We’ll always do our homework to ensure the style of animation we deploy is aligned closely with your brand and the message you’re trying to convey.

We pride ourselves on dreaming up ever-more-inventive ways to capture aerial footage that stands out from the crowd, and we work hard to craft seamless, cinematic transitions from ground to air.

Our pilots have commercial permissions to operate by the CAA, and have the right tools for any production — from small and nimble aircraft, to dual-operated, state-of-the-art drones — allowing us to get the shots that no one else can reach. Of course, our Cornish HQ’s proximity to some of the UK’s most dramatic landscapes helps, too.

Our bases

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