10 Ways Businesses Can Use Film and Video

In today’s digital era, businesses are recognising the capabilities and benefits of using film and video.

Here we highlight some of the most successful types of films for brands and businesses.

Online ads and promos.
The easiest way to promote your latest product, service or offer is with an online ad or promo video. A great resource to attract customers and boost sales, these can be as high-spec as any TV ad or low-key and budget friendly.

Brand films.
Raise awareness by showing what your business is about and the ethos behind it. Brand films can establish your place in the market, inspire your audience and rejuvenate your brand. Branded promotional content is about entertainment, engaging the audience and getting your brand noticed.

Company Story.
Share an insight into your company and bring to life the people behind the brand. Film is an effective tool for showcasing the purpose and mission behind the company and help your audience to connect with you.

Social videos.
A great way of bringing life to your brand and boosting online presence, they should be bitesize, digestible, sharable and fun, aiming to make the audience feel something. Viewers love to share and like videos, so with a cool concept or an interesting idea you have the potential to reach a huge audience.

Animated infographics.
Animated infographics are great if your product, service or brand message is particularly complicated, animation in the form of motion graphics will help take your audience through your message in an easily digestible and engaging way.

Product demonstrations.
Simple yet effective, showing your existing and potential new customers all your features and benefits. Taking someone who is unfamiliar with your product you can walk them through how the product works and give them the information that they need to make a buying decision.

Customer stories.
Allow your existing happy customers to do the talking. Rather than focusing directly on your product or service itself, this style of video tells the story of your customer from their point of view and how your business helped to solve their problems.

Tuitional content.
A quick and simple way for your potential customers to gain valuable information. Tuitional content doesn’t just draw attention to your brand but offers genuine value and insight. Truly helpful content is one of the best ways to form a connection with your target audience, attract a loyal following and build trust in your brand.

”How to videos have become increasing popular, research at Google finding searches related to “how to” on YouTube are increasing 70% year-on-year.” (source: Think with Google).

Films keep audiences engaged and are more effective, memorable and interesting than traditional training techniques. Todays training videos are have high production values and captivating content. And they don’t have to be your standard instructional guide, instead they can be short scripted dramas that making a lasting impression on audiences.

Recruitment films.
Find new talent and promote your latest job opportunities. Recruitment films are a great way to share information about your latest vacancies while at the same time demonstrating your company culture and what it means to be part of the business. Provide an inside look at the working environment and show the unique benefits of working for your company.

With such a range of film and video production services available, there’s content to suit any business and any purpose.

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