London Film Studio.

Studio 220 Brick Lane is our London base — the perfect studio for small shoots with big ambitions.

Situated in the artistic heart of Shoreditch, Studio 220 is a purpose-built and fully kitted out creative workspace. We’re talking Arri SkyPanels, Astera Titan Tubes, an eMotimo motion capture rig, and much more — not to mention the expertise of the resident director, Junaid Faiz.

We’ve optimised this space to innovate — so there’s nothing ‘static’ or ‘standard’ about the films that come out of Studio 220. With the right equipment always to hand, we produce dynamic product showcases and interview pieces that pop off the screen.

But the studio shoot itself is never the end of the story. We’ll elevate your video with motion graphics and location footage, to create un-ignorable content that positions your brand front and centre — where it deserves to be.

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