Vivobarefoot- Primus Lite

Vivobarefoot leads the way when it comes to barefoot shoes. Their minimalistic designs reduce the negative impact that wearing traditional shoes can have on our bodies, and help the wearer feel more connected to their environment.

We created this looping social media video to promote Vivobarefoot’s Primus Lite shoe. The aim was to draw focus to the product’s unique features while highlighting the three pillars of Vivobarefoot’s design philosophy:

Thin and sensory. Wide and stable. Flexible and strong.

Working in our London studio, director Junaid Faiz and DOP James Stuart enlisted the robotic assistance of the eMotimo motion rig to execute their ambitious creative vision — a video in which the shoe is never static.

The shoot involved four setups. The first is a wide shot, with the shoe suspended as if stepping across rocks. An overlay of a glass foot rotating in 3D space is used to transition between setups — in the second, the shoe is rotated vertically and a splash of motion graphics emphasises the sensory benefits of the thin sole.

We then see the front of the shoe, showcasing its width and stability, before a crash zoom brings us to the final setup. We dubbed this the ‘raining shoes’ shot — taking the opportunity to incorporate some fun sound design! Finally, a speed ramp loops the video back to the first setup. Just like the Primus Lite, this video never stops moving.

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