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We’re here for you

Apr 21, 2020News, Video Production

We’ve always prided ourselves on creating content that matters, for brands, clients and agencies. 

For a short while we’ll need to adapt, but we already have a great set of tools in place to remotely operate. We’re here to help.



It’s time to innovate…

Repurpose and Reimagine with Existing Footage 
Start new conversations. Make the most of your archive and communicate in new ways. 
Go beyond the realms of possibility with Animation and Motion Graphics 
Inspire, Engage and Educate so you can still stand out in the feed.
Reformat Photography 
Bring new life to your still images with 3d perspective, making something that was once flat, pop.
We’re here for you…
Ready to tell your stories…
The Lightbox Film Co. Team 

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