Let’s get out there (but safety first)!

Things are odd right now, aren’t they? We hope you’re okay.

The current situation has significantly changed the way we work, but it hasn’t brought us to a standstill. Far from it. Throughout the lockdown, we’ve been providing innovative video solutions to keep brands like yours on track.

We’re absolutely over the moon to announce that we’re now able to return to shooting on location, while continuing to offer our full range of remote video production services!

Does your message need a boost? Have you been craving fresh footage, but didn’t know whether you’d be able to get it? Read on to learn how we can help.

Location Shoots & Aerial Filming

Our Cornwall headquarters gives us luxuriously easy access to some of the UK’s most sought-after filming locations, and we’ve been itching to get back out there. We are now once again able to offer location shoots, in accordance with the current social distancing rules.

Our small and nimble crew will work to a carefully planned Covid-19 operating procedure that adheres to government guidelines to ensure everyone’s safety.

Of course, our location shoots are never confined to the ground. We pride ourselves on dreaming up ever-more-inventive ways to capture aerial footage that stands out from the crowd, and we work hard to craft seamless, cinematic transitions from ground to air. Our pilots have commercial permissions and the right tools for any production, allowing us to get the shots that no one else can reach — again observing all current safety measures.

Animation & Motion Graphics

Eye-catching animation and motion graphics will elevate your message and help your brand stand out in oversaturated content feeds.

Whether it’s a slick logo ident, an infographic brought to life, a splash of motion graphics to enhance a live video — or even a fully animated 2D or 3D character — we’ll push your video beyond the realms of possibility to help you engage, entertain and inspire. Click here to learn how we get audiences animated.

Repurpose & Reimagine

Did you know you can use your existing content to start new conversations?

We’ll bring new life to your video archive (or ours) through bold and imaginative re-edits and motion graphics. We can also reformat photography — making your still images pop with 3D perspective that’s guaranteed to make an impact on social media.

Product Shoots & Pack Shots

Ever wondered how TV advertising makes even seemingly everyday products look EPIC and irresistable? A lot of effort (and equipment!) goes into capturing a product in its best possible light to showcase its features and generate sales.

Your products deserve the same treatment. Our studio is equipped with the latest robotic equipment so we can execute next-level creative concepts with the precision focus that your audience expects. Click here to put your product in the spotlight.

Let’s talk!

Want to talk about how we can put any of the above services to work for you? Or maybe you don’t know exactly what you want yet. No worries! We’re used to that, and we’re full of ideas to fit any budget or brief. 

Send us a message, and let’s start the conversation!

We’ll be here, standing two metres apart, ready to make your video, 

The Lightbox Film Co. Team

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